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  • Nude/Figure - Master Series 

  • #1003

  • Class Instructor: Bryce
  • $ 2400.00

This six-evening, eight weekend days plus a two and a half day workshop in Saugatuck is perhaps the ultimate in the exploration and photography of the figure.  This class will be extremely intensive and not intended for the novice.  We start with a “take no prisoners” critique of the students current work and build from there.  The weekend workshops will include Essence of Woman (#926), Nude/Figure at the Victorian House (#920), Nude Couple in the Studio (#923), Body Jewelry (#904), Body Painting (#937), Nude at the Lake House (#927), Nude on Location (#901), and Nude on Location Digital Infra-red (#925) PLUS the two and a half day workshop Nude on Location Saugatuck Sand Dunes (#330)!  The evening sessions are informal, but intense.  The last three evening classroom sessions also include computer lab printing time.  The total cost of each of these workshops individually would cost $2595.00.  The master class price is $2000.00 a savings of more than 20%.  Models are provided.

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