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  • Photoshop Techniques with Jim Zuckerman 

  • #207

  • Workshop Instructor: Jim Zuckerman
  • $ 495.00

This two-day workshop will provide each student with hands on experience on how to maximize the use of selection tools and how to write actions that will enable a photographer to put in a new sky or clean up a busy background or to create a complete fantasy environment for your subject. 

Jim’s ability to use the clone, gradient tool, eye dropper and other selection tools will knock your socks off! Students will learn about layers and how to manipulate and blend them into that image you desire. Some of the practical applications include: Creating shafts of light, Reshaping subjects (this will be amazing to you) and using the liquefy tool for reshaping faces and bodies. Finally, you will learn about using plug-in programs to solve various editing problems or to turn your photographs into a painting. This workshop is not for beginners. You will be amazed by the creativity that this program will empower you.

Lunch is catered on both Saturday and Sunday and so is the Saturday night dinner. Enrollment is limited to nine students. If you attend from out of state, please contact Midwest and we will arrange transportation to and from the airport and can help with booking lodging as well. 

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