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  • Basic Studio Lighting 

  • #401

  • Class Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $360.00

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  • This course is part of the Certificate program. Click for details
  • This is a five-session class that specializes in a small student-to-instructor ratio to provide personalized instruction leading to thorough understanding of the science of lighting, lighting ratios and the use of a flash meter. While we will provide models to demonstrate the lighting the techniques learned in this class can apply to product lighting or even architectural photography. While photographing the model we will demonstrate posing tips and the application of makeup to the model.  Learn how to diffuse and bounce light with reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes and the difference of hard edge and raw light.  Learn posing techniques that will enhance and flatter your subject and increase sales from clients.  Some lighting styles to be demonstrated include the use of beauty dish, background lights, hair lights, Rembrandt, butterfly, single lighting, rim lighting and back lighting to achieve that high glamour look.  This class directs the student toward photographing the high school senior or your friends, family and loved ones but is not limited to that genre.  How often have you wished you could take portraits like the pros do?  Photographs can earn you money!  Don’t envy others.  Learn these techniques so that others envy your photos.  Students will photograph four different professional models.  During one session, a professional make-up artist will demonstrate her talents.  Students are expected to have mastered basic shutter speeds, f/stops, reading a histogram and composition techniques before enrolling in this class.

    Prerequisite(s):  Fundamentals of Photography (#101) or permission from the instructor
    The enrollment of this class is limited to 10

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