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  • Children on Location: A Unique Approach 

  • #511

  • Workshop Instructor: Emma Burcusel
  • $ 85.00

Taught by a professional photographer of children, this one-afternoon workshop is well suited for the parent wanting to photograph their children in a public park setting.  Learn to use fill flash and reflectors and to select an appropriate background in which the children will not blend into the scene.  Learn how to persuade children to cooperate when posing for the photograph.  The first hour of the workshop is in the classroom and the remaining time is outdoors at a local park. This workshop/meetup is well suited for moms that have a DSLR camera or even a point and shoot camera, as the main focus is the lighting and posing of the children in the environment; so a big fancy camera is not required. The local park is likely to be Greenmeade or Mayberry State Park (Both on 8 Mile Rd.)

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