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  • Aerial Drone Basics 

  • #608

  • Workshop Instructor: Bob Ratcliff
  • $ 50.00

Join us for a 4 hour class on drones and understand the explosive impact they are having on many forms of photography and videography.  We will cover the wide ranging types of drones from $19 and up, and show just how rapidly this technology is changing.  The class will cover the various uses for drones  from hobbyists to wide ranging commercial applications in agriculture, construction, search and rescue, package delivery and many more.   We will focus on the evolution of the sophisticated capabilities of the aircraft in conjunction with the impressive still and video cameras being used.   In the last few months the new models have substantially increased in ease of use and have moved up to professional grade cameras for under $1500.  There are models to fit every budget.

You will learn about the recent and evolving FAA regulations as well as the requirements to obtain a sUAS (drone) pilots license.  Besides the class lecture we will see a number of short video clips showing how easy it is to get professional results in making still images, video clips, panoramas and high speed bursts.   We will see examples of how to assemble and edit images and footage.  Weather permitting we will go outside and fly a current professional model drone and for those who wish we will let the students test there hand at flying in a safe environment.   Come and Join us for an exciting look into the future of image making.

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