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  • A Day at the Zoo 

  • #617

  • Workshop Instructor: Bryce Denison
  • $ 60.00

This one-day workshop to take memorable wildlife images that don’t look like they were made in a zoo.  The nearest location for tigers, lions and other exotic creatures is at one of the finest zoological parks in North America, the Detroit Zoological Park located in Royal Oak, just north of Detroit.  Students will spend the morning session in the MPW Farmington Hills classroom and the afternoon at the zoo.  Instruction will include how to compose photos in a zoo setting, making the image look like the wild, and understanding how to capture natural animal behavior.  Students will also learn proper telephoto lenses techniques to make tack sharp photographs as well as the appropriate use of tele-converters and Fresnels for flash extension.  Bring your tripod and cable release!  At the zoo, Bryce will assist students with the principles of composition and how to capture the animals at their best.

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