# 115 Long Exposure Photography

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $100.00

Water tends to look more natural if it is allowed to move and blur in your photograph.  This one-day workshop will provide information on the techniques to make that happen.  We will begin in the classroom then go outside for a shooting experience. After students have made sufficient images, we will return to the MPW computer lab and finish the process.  We will show your what kind of images lend themselves to a long exposure treatment and which do not.  We will provide information about what kind of neutral density filters (ND) work well and which ones do not. Learn about an easy to use cell phone app to re-calculate the exposure in your camera once an ND filter is placed in front of your lens.  Bring your camera, tripod, polarizing filter, cable release and if you own a ND filter then bring it too.  If you do not have one, MPW will have several on hand for students to use.