# 120 Intermediate Shooting Techniques

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $350.00

This six-week class is designed to complement and provide a continuation of the techniques and skills learned in our #101 Fundamentals Techniques of Photography class.  Learn some advanced flash techniques like: rear-curtain sync, dragging the shutter, painting with light and synchro-sunlight fill flash.  We will spend time learning about advanced exposure technique including: time exposures (longer than 30 seconds), HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography), noise reduction and proper tripod use.  Be prepared to learn more about close-up and macro techniques and more techniques like the use of: extension tubes, 2X convertors and split neutral density filters.  Enjoy a slide program about the history of photography. Each student will spend an individual three-hour session in the State-Of-The-Art MPW studio one-on-one with the instructor, preparing two different studio still life compositions.  The second session is at the Farmington Hills campus, but the other five remaining classroom sessions are held at the Southfield campus.  This class also includes an all-day field trip usually to nearby Greenfield Village.  This class is one of the more demanding classes that MPW offers.  The homework assignments are tougher and the critiques are more rigid, the the rewards are worth it!