Certificate Programs

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

The Certificate Program is a curriculum or series of classes that will lead to the creation of a professional portfolio.  You do not need a degree, license or even a certificate  to announce to the world that you are a “professional photographer”.  What you do need is a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of your best images that demonstrates your skill and diversity as a photographer. It is proof that you are the person worthy to be hired for the job.  The Certificate Program starts with a phone call to Bryce Denison (313) 804-9266  for a free sit down meeting and find out where you are; where you want to be and a pathway of classes and workshops to get there. The meeting often lasts over an hour to explore the best options for you and how to attain your goals.  Then Bryce will prepare a written proposal of the classes and workshops for you. If you approve the list, it will be re-typed as an invoice and together we will select the dates and times for you to start attending the classes and workshops.  The is no time schedule to complete the classes. The sooner your start; the sooner you finish and create your portfolio and start making money and serving your clients.