# 902 Angels, Fairies and Pixies

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $125.00

This one-day workshop will begin with a classroom session and continue with an intense studio session photographing the model wearing a variety of costumes; each one portraying a creature, god, mythical caricature or a beast from mythology, folk lore, literature or perhaps from just our imagination.

This workshop can include the #999 Post Workshop Private shoot immediately following the conclusion of this workshop. You can get a one-hour private shoot with the model for $100.00 which may include a model release. Advanced registration is strongly encouraged and only two private shoots will be offered per workshop. Enrollment is first-come-first served.
Students are expected to bring: camera with ample media cards, wide angle and telephoto lenses, tripod and a lens hood for each lens. Just like you go to a restaurant, it is common and appropriate to give your waitress/waiter a tip or gratuity, such is the case here. You are encouraged to provide a gratuity to your model at the end of a successful shoot.