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This six-week, 4 hours per night or 4-hour day class, seven-session class is designed for the beginner who has recently purchased a digital SLR camera, a mirrorless camera, or for people looking for a refresher on technique.

This class covers exposure, shutter speeds, ISO and f/stops. Learn composition techniques such as: the rule of thirds, leading lines, S curves, C curves and the light isolate theory. In addition to learning about the use of filters, flash, extension tubes and tele-convertors; students will study travel photography, portraiture, close-ups (Macro) and how to overcome full automation in today’s cameras.

Learn about wildlife photography, nature photography, how to shoot sports and we may view artistic portrayals of the nude as fine art. Any digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera or mirrorless camera that can be adjusted for manual operation as well as automatic exposure mode is welcome in class as long as it is not an automatic exposure only camera (no point and shoot cameras permitted).

Expect homework assignments! Expect reading assignments! Do not be misled. The word “fundamental” in the title does not mean elementary photography. Experienced photographers would still benefit from this class nearly as much as a beginner. The digital photographer will learn about the merits of shooting RAW files compared to JPEG or TIFF, white balance and reading histograms.