# 129 Focus Stacking

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $100.00

This three-hour workshop will provide you with the information of preparing, shooting and assembly of the images to create an image that has sharpness and depth of field well beyond what can be achieved within a single shot from your camera.¬† The techniques are not limited to macro photography, but can apply to landscape and architectural photography as well. ¬†Portraiture does not lend itself to focus stacking because people move and breathe and do not remain in the same place. Subjects captured on a tripod that don’t move are ideal for this technique. We will learn about multiple software programs that assemble the images for the composite and information about some of the high end cameras that perform focus stacking right in the camera. Bring your camera and tripod as you will have an opportunity to practice this technique in class.