100 Series - Basic Shooting Techniques

Step into a world of photography where the possibilities are endless. MPWs 100 series courses will give you the foundation you need to effectively pursue photography as a hobby or at a professional level. This 100 series begins with the fundamental skills of photography and will progress to courses of intermediate and advanced levels. We will explain the mechanics of your camera and provide details pertaining to exposure, shutter speeds, f/stops, the shoe-mount flash and important composition techniques. You will learn the art of seeing and develop a skill set which will enable you to look at your subject matter with a fresh, new perspective. Upon completion of these courses, you will have a greater understanding of the technical aspects of photography-guaranteed to help you take better photos.

200 Series - Digital Editing and Processing

As a digital photographer, post processing is as important as understanding the technical components of your camera. Midwest Photography Workshops offers a variety of courses which will help you improve your digital darkroom techniques. Our 200 series courses will help you develop your Photoshop skills from elementary to advanced, and give you the tools you need to help you take your images to the next level. You will learn how to post process your images, develop an effective workflow, market your business on line and develop a portfolio with the intent to impress.

300 Series - Photo Safaris

Midwest Photography workshops is proud to offer a variety of unique photo safari trips in our 300 course series. These photographic excursions are designed for photographers of all skill levels, novice through advanced. Our instructors will take you to beautiful locations and provide you with world class instruction. Come with us to explore the United States, Europe, Central America and Canada; see natural beauty that will take your breath away. These trips are very well suited to Artists and Painters looking to work from photographs they have taken. Our goal is to put the world in front of your lens and give you photographic opportunities of a lifetime.

400 Series - Studio Portraiture and Lighting

Learn how to compensate appropriately in a variety of lighting situations both in studio, and on location, with MPW?s 400 series courses. This series offers courses that will enhance both your portraiture and product photography. Lighting can be a photographer?s best friend, and worst nightmare. MPW will take the uncertainty out of challenging lighting situations. You will gain a greater understanding of lighting ratios and white balance as well as how to meter, and compensate appropriately, in a multitude of lighting situations. With the help of professional models, you will learn the techniques of posing and the benefits of working with reflectors. Lighting really is everything!

500 Series - On Location - Outdoor Portraiture, Fashion, Dance and Lighting Techniques

Midwest Photography Workshops 500 series courses are geared to On Location portraiture featuring everything from high fashion, wedding photography and dance photography. You will develop your skill set and achieve that high fashion editorial look that you see in popular fashion magazines. We will teach you how to improve your wedding photography techinques and understand the business aspect of wedding portraiture. This series offers courses designed to help you understand how to take successful images in inconsistent lighting situations, gain a better understanding of reflectors and optimize the use of your flash. Learn how to pose your models on location and utilize the environment around you. Build your wedding and on location portfolio and learn what you can do to minimize your time, and maximize your success. Set yourself apart from the competition!

600 Series - One day field trips not based upon Portraiture

Midwest Photography Workshops offers a diverse collection of subject matter in our 600 level courses. These one day (sometimes two-day) workshops offer something for everyone! Whether you enjoy portraiture, landscape photography, macro photography, wildlife, architecture or nature, this series of courses will help you improve your techniques and diversify your portfolio. (Generally not based upon Portraiture

700 Series - Podcasts and other copyrighted recorded presentations

The 700 Series Listings are lectures that are usually 1 to 2 hours in length and cover a wide variety of subjects. These copyrighted lectures are typical of presentations for and to local camera clubs and other civic organizations.  Special events sponsored by Midwest Photography Workshops that are unique are designated for a one-time only use and other various podcasts will also be listed here in the 700 series.  Click on the podcast you desire and MPW will send you a USB (Flash Drive) containing the program delivered by United States Postal Service.

800 Series - Unique classes and workshops that don't fit into the other categories

The 800 series classes and workshops blend Videography and some special subjects and skills. The Videography courses are designed for the amateur and professional videographer. Gain an in depth understanding of green screen videography, video editing and how to light appropriately for video purposes in challenging lighting environments. These course will improve your skill set and take your videography to the next level.Our selection of specialty courses range from Macro and Timelapse photography to lectures and workshops taught by world-renowned guest photographers including Jim Zuckerman, Taro Yamasacki and Mark Reid. Do you have a keen interest in stock photography or how to turn your portraits into art? Are you interested in photographing art on the human form? Have you ever thought about pursuing forensic photography? If so, our specialty classes might offer you the diverse instruction that you seek. Learn from some of the best photographers from around the world!

900 Series - Photographing the Artistic Nude and Boudoir Model

The # 900 Series of Workshops is about photographing the Artistic Lingerie/Boudoir model or perhaps the Artistic Nude/Figure Model as Fine Art. Not everyone appreciates the unclothed human figure, but those who do not; we have segregated any class or workshop that has the slightest inkling of sexuality into the #900 series so as to not offend such people.

1000 Series - MASTER CLASSES and Workshops

MASTER CLASSES are designed for the photographer that has already mastered shutter speeds, f/stops, lenses and composition. Master classes usually have either field trips or studio shooting experiences to assist the Photographers journey to create a stunning portfolio. If you find a MASTER CLASS that interests you do not delay in signing up. They are offer every two years, not every year. They are designed to offer several shooting opportunities coupled with appropriate classroom and image review sessions to offer an enhanced financial value that registering for each class or workshop separately.

1100 Series - Companion Classes and Workshops

What is a companion Class?  When beginning photographers undertake the learning of photography, most think only of shooting the photograph. They often underestimate the value of the other half of the equation - the editing or processing of the image. Much like milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly, love and marriage; some things really go together (Like bundling). The most common companion class is the combination of #101 Basic Photography and #210 Basic Adobe Lightroom. The pairing of classes and workshops  that are often attended in tandem or one after another are listed here in the #1100 Series. For students looking to take multiple classes and workshops, here is an opportunity to sign up for two classes and get a 10% discount for doing so. Some of the listings involve basic shooting and basic editing.  Other listing include companion classes involve just portraiture in either studio or outdoor lighting and posing.  Still others include advanced techniques like HDR, Panorama stitching and focus stacking.

1300 Series - Private Lessons

Do you need help solving a photographic problem? Schedule a one-on-one session with Bryce Denison and advance relentlessly. Bryce can go to your studio or you can schedule a private lesson at ours.  If Bryce must travel to your place, travel is charged at the rate of $50.00 per hour.  Instructional time is at the rate of $100.00 per hour.  You may plan to meet at either our Wildbrook Campus (where our computer lab is located) or at our Farmington Hills Campus (where our main studio and main classroom is located).  If, during the course of your private lesson is scheduled, you require a model or a hair and makeup artist to work with one can be provided at the students expense. If you need a private review of your portfolio either in person or as a video chat, we are able to accommodate that as well.

1400 Series - Studio Rentals

Midwest Photography Workshops offers studio rentals for fellow photographers who may not have a spare $250,000.00 to invest in such a state-of the-art studio. Bryce will be on hand to unlock the doors, disarm the alarm and help set up the lights and set the exposure and white balance to insure that you have a successful shoot. The studio is 20×30 feet in size including a model changing room. We offer free parking. The studio is equipped with both a 72″ and a 84″ soft box, plus strip lights all powered by Elinchrom flashes; triggered by Pocket Wizard transceivers. We also have very powerful LED Lighting and tall ceilings to accommodate anything from portraiture, 2D or 3D product illustration, video production (including music videos) and more. We also have a wide diversity of backgrounds including high key and low key opportunities. The price is $150.00 for three hours or $250.00 for six hours. Call (313) 804-9266 and speak to Bryce to schedule a time to shoot or a visit and view the facilities to make sure that your proposed date and time is available. View options and rent the studio

1200 Series - Certificate Programs

The Certificate Program is a curriculum or series of classes that will lead to the creation of a professional portfolio.  You do not need a degree, license or even a certificate  to announce to the world that you are a "professional photographer".  What you do need is a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of your best images that demonstrates your skill and diversity as a photographer. It is proof that you are the person worthy to be hired for the job.  The Certificate Program starts with a phone call to Bryce Denison (313) 804-9266  for a free sit down meeting and find out where you are; where you want to be and a pathway of classes and workshops to get there. The meeting often lasts over an hour to explore the best options for you and how to attain your goals.  Then Bryce will prepare a written proposal of the classes and workshops for you. If you approve the list, it will be re-typed as an invoice and together we will select the dates and times for you to start attending the classes and workshops.  The is no time schedule to complete the classes. The sooner your start; the sooner you finish and create your portfolio and start making money and serving your clients.