#1400 Studio Rentals

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Midwest Photography Workshops offers studio rentals for fellow photographers who may not have a spare $250,000.00 to invest in such a state-of the-art studio. Bryce will be on hand to unlock the doors, disarm the alarm and help set up the lights and set the exposure and white balance to insure that you have a successful shoot. The studio is 20×30 feet in size including a model changing room. We offer free parking. The studio is equipped with both a 72″ and a 84″ soft box, plus strip lights all powered by Elinchrom flashes; triggered by Pocket Wizard transceivers. We also have very powerful LED Lighting and tall ceilings to accommodate anything from portraiture, 2D or 3D product illustration, video production (including music videos) and more. We also have a wide diversity of backgrounds including high key and low key opportunities.

The price is $150.00 for three hours or $250.00 for six hours. Call (313) 804-9266 and speak to Bryce to schedule a time to shoot or a visit and view the facilities to make sure that your proposed date and time is available.

View options and rent the studio