#215 Introduction to AI Image Making

Instructor(s): Jim Zuckerman

Tuition: $200.00


     Join us for this all-day six-hour workshop on how to create exciting, dramatic images using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software without a camera.  This revolutionary software allows you to create an entirely new genre of art.  This is not exactly photography, but you can enhance your existing photographs with AI or create an entirely different type and style of artwork.  You don’t even need to start with an existing photograph.  Jim will show you how to get started and how to navigate the software that produces the best and most detailed images.  You will learn how to choose word commands to make amazing art, and how to increase the resolution and sharpness in post-processing.

     Additionally, Jim will demonstrate how to use the AI images in combination with your own photographs within Adobe Photoshop to end up with an amalgam of photography and AI imagery that results in absolutely amazing composites. This software allows you to speak or type into the computer and command the computer what to create.  For example, you might say to “create a mythical fire breathing dragon with green scales and small triangular wings with long claws.  Now, place a castle in the background with a knight in shinning armor with his sword drawn in the foreground.”  POOF – It is done!  Learn about the possibilities and the limitations of this new creative media.     Artificial Intelligence used to create photographic and artistic images knows no bounds.  You can create any type of image imaginable, from sweet, innocent children to futuristic robots, and from historical figures to extinct animals to beautiful fashion models.

 Having a photographic background helps you visualize both realistic as well as surrealistic pictures.  Learn about the new “blend” feature that allows you to merge up to 5 of your own photographs to produce truly brilliant imagery.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Step by Step instruction on how to use Mid journey software
  • A new vocabulary to create “prompts” for creating stunning images
  • How to combine AI images with photographic images
  • Learn to incorporate photographic terms into AI instructions
  • How to use your own photographs as a basis for AI creativity
  • How to increase the low AI resolution in post processing

     Mr. Zuckerman was born in Michigan (now living in Tennessee) and has been working as a photographer for over 60 years.  He has published dozens of books on photography and leads photo safari’s all over the world. He is the ultimate photography teacher. Midwest Photography Workshops is proud to host him for this do-not-miss opportunity. Friday July 5, 2024  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  Class size is limited.