#530 Photographing Native American Dancing at a POW WOW

Instructor(s): Bryce DenisonNancy Swearingen

Tuition: $50.00

This one day workshop involves instruction of how to adjust shutter speed, f/stop and ISO to achieve the correct exposure for fast moving objects under low or dark lighting conditions.  We will also assist students in topics of composition and “Decisive Moment” with Dance portrayed as Art and Sport. Do not overlook the opportunity to use slow shutter speeds on purpose to intentionally blur the dancer and create a “Impressionistic” interpretation of the dance.  Don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to photograph the dancers at high shutter speeds to freeze action and to photograph the drummers accompanying the dance.

Be aware that most venues do not permit flash or tripods. Also be aware that the dancers are not performers and photographers must obtain permission to shoot from the dancers. Photographers SHOULD make copies of their images free of charge to the dancers even if not specifically requested by the dancers. It is the proper edequiete.  When speaking to the dancers, do not refer to their clothing as a costume. Refer to is as regalia. The term costume would be considered rude and condescending.