# 205 Portfolio Review and Tech Time

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $15.00

This three-hour program is intended for photographers to bring in up to 10 of their images for Bryce to review and critique; saved on a USB flash drive. The students’ 10 images may be their best ever images for validation that these images are as good as the photographer hopes they are. Most students however; bring in their problem images in hopes that they can gain an insight of how the image can be re-edited or perhaps re-photographed even better. Bryce will display the images on a big screen and tell you the truth about each image and hopefully; how to make it better if it can be made better. We start at 6:30PM and we continue until we are done. This program is held at our Farmington Hills campus. The image resolution should be 6″x9″ @ 240 DPI or 2160 Pixels at the longest dimension.¬† Students will also want to bring in both the RAW image (unprocessed) and their edited .jpg image if possible, in case Bryce needs to demonstrate a processing technique from scratch. ¬†Images with smaller resolution can still work, but may provide a limited opportunity as compared to the larger RAW image to take full advantage of the data available from the larger file size of a RAW file.