#1002 Sports Photography Master Class

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $600.00

This seven-week twelve-session class  (Two field Trips are optional) provides both classroom instruction and seven field trips (perhaps more). Students will photograph motor sport racing at Waterford Hills, Professional baseball at a local park and skateboarding at a state-of-the-art local cement rink and a Demolition Derby and Rodeo. Students will learn to use ‘long’ lenses, vibration reduction (or image stabilization) and noise reduction in their digital files and how much shutter speed it takes to freeze action. Learn how to use back button focusing, burst mode, proper use of high ISOs and then apply noise reduction to your image, and when to press the shutter for that ‘decisive moment’ to create dynamic sharp well exposed photos of the subject even under low light levels. Students will learn how to make money in the competitive field of event photography, and to capture, print, publish and market their work from a free web page. Event photography traverses from shooting team photographs at the local little league football, baseball, basketball, soccer leagues to portraits of couples at a local bar/nightclub. The class will culminate in the development of sports portfolio of their best work. The portfolio may be print form or virtual portfolio slide show set to music to play on their web site.

Wed June 19, 2024 Orientations and Expectations  6:30 PM

Wed June 26, 2024 Shoot skateboard 6:30 PM (Weather Permitting)

Sat June 30, 2024 Baseball at Jimmy John’s Field  5:30 PM

Wed July 3, 2024 Image Review and Event photography presentation

Wed July 17, 2024 Image Review and car racing presentation

Sat July 21, 2024 Car Racing at Waterford Hills  1:30 PM

Monday July 24, 2024  Harness Racing Fowlerville County Fair 5:00 PM

Tuesday July 25, 2024 Demolition Derby Fowlerville County Fair 8:00 PM

Wednesday July 26, 2024 Demolition Derby Figure 8 (Optional Attendance)  Fowlerville County Fair 8:00 PM

Friday July 26, 2024  Lost Nation Rodeo Fowlerville County Fair 8:00 PM

Saturday July 27, 2024  Lost Nation Rodeo Fowlerville County Fair 7:00 PM  Optional Attendance

Tues July 30, 24 Final Image Review

If you sign up for each event in this MASTER CLASS individually, the price would be $800.00. Bundle them and pay $600.00.