# 1005 MASTER CLASS - Dance

Instructor(s): Bryce DenisonNancy Swearingen

Tuition: $1500.00

Visualize the Dancer gliding and moving through your viewfinder. Learn to capture the graceful leaps, steps and twirls that is the dancers’ art.  Additionally, we will study the art of motion and blur to emphasize action. This six to eight month class involves several field trips and at least two studio shooting session of dancers and models in action.  We will have a combination of shooting experiences combined with classroom image reviews of the images made during the field trips.  The direction that this MASTER CLASS will take is to place the emphasis on photographing the act of the dance rather than the portraiture of the dance costume.  Don’t worry, there will be ample emphasis including the dancer in costume as a portrait.

During the studio shooting sessions we will spend time learning about the use of multiple large soft boxes to offer the ultimate in lighting control. During the field trips you can expect to learn about the use of portable lighting of multiple umbrellas and flashes to enable the photographer to shoot anywhere: in studio, outdoors or indoors on location using triggers.

We plan to photograph a great deal of variety in the dance. We plan to photograph the Tango, the Square Dance, ballet, Jazz and modern dance, the Native American dance by attending a Pow Wow, African Dancing with drummers and more. This is a MASTER CLASS. Therefore, students will be expected to already know about shutter speeds and f/stops, how to read a histogram, the proper use of lenses, basic editing and composition. 

With the number of field trips and the intensity of the material presented, the cost of dancers, and the time spent in review of images, the Tuition is not inexpensive, but bundled together, this MASTER CLASS is definitely more economical that enrolling in each session individually (even though you can pick and choose and enroll in each class individually).  $1500.00 is the Tuition for this class, but if you sign up for each class individually, the price would be  $1,700.00.

Wednesday March 13, 2024 Class meeting – Expectations and history of Dance $100.00

Saturday March 23, 2024  Photograph Michigan Dance Challenge  $100.00

Sunday March 24, 2024  Photograph at Ann Arbor Pow Wow  $100.00

Wednesday April 03, 2024 Image Review and continuation of History of Dance  $50.00

Friday April 26, 2024 Shoot Eisenhower Dance Dress Rehersal $100.00

Saturday April 27,24  Shoot Eisenhower Dance Performance Ford Auditorium

Sunday May 5, 2024  Photograph Cinco de Mayo Clark Park – Detroit  $100.00

Wednesday May 15, 2024  Image Review  $50.00

Wednesday June 12, 2024  Image Review  $50.00  (Possible shooting)

Sunday June 23, 2024  Shoot Temate African Dancing and Drumming  $100.00

Saturday July 20, 2024  Photograph Prima Ballerina Downtown Detroit  $100.00

Wednesday July 31, 2024  Photograph Karel Flores dance auditions  $100.00

Saturday August 3, 2024  Photograph Scottish Highland Dances  $100.00

Sunday September 29, 2024  Shoot Dance TBA  $100.00

Saturday October 5, 2024  Shoot Dance TBA  $100.00

Sunday November 03, 2024  Final Image Review  $50.00