# 107 Navigating Nikon Camera Menu Items

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $100.00

Modern DSLR’s or mirrorless cameras can be daunting. Dozens of buttons and menu options can send the new user screaming into the night, and faze even the seasoned pro going digital after decades of shooting film. ┬áThis workshop will concentrate on the new and confusing concepts of digital photographer and high tech cameras. This is not an entry level class. Students are expected to already know shutter speeds, f/stops and ISO selections. We will concentrate on the menu items like finding, reading and interpreting a histogram to achieve the most ideal exposure to minimize your post production efforts. ┬áDiscover what all the different autofocus modes actually do. Learn how to set the proper white balance settings and other menu items. This workshop is appropriate for both DSLR or mirrorless camera owners.