# 150 The Art of Seeing

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $350.00

After completing the #101 Fundamentals and #120 Intermediate Shooting Techniques Class; if the photographer is still struggling with the creative side of photography; like how to see the light and compose your image, the #150 The Art of Seeing class is for you! During the #101 Class, only one session was dedicated to  issues the exploration of learning to see and composition.  This six-week class will include time each night plus multiple field trips to put into practice a through understanding of: The Rule of Thirds, The Light Isolate Theory, the use of negative space and positive space, the use of repetitive shapes, patterns and textures as design elements.  Learn about the past master photographer’s work and how they still influence photographers today.  You will have the opportunity to explore the differences between color and monochrome (Black & White)  image making and design.  Learn how social, emotional and spiritual influences can and should enhance your vision.  This class will provide a foundation leading towards the mastery of evaluating, designing and executing an outstanding composition using your camera. Ansel Adams coined the phrase “Pre-visualization” during which, the photographer mentally imagines what the final image will look like before setting up the camera and tripod.  Then apply what it takes for that mental image to come to fruition.

The field trips will inspire understanding and application of the photographic principles to achieve the image you imagined. Images from the field trips will be critiqued in the classroom.  During the field trips, each student will see and interpret the same subject differently (being in basically the same place at the same time).  Celebrate and learn from each other, the synergism of creating images. People who are naturally very meticulous, precise and orderly, often may struggle with composition and struggle with what constitutes “ART” as a left brained person.  If so, this class is for you!  This class is well suited for the right brained person as well. We will spend much time concentrating on what constitutes a strong image and what does not.  We will do this by emphasizing the procedures necessary to create an a better three-dimensionality to your images including height, with, but most importantly, depth.  You will have opportunities during the field trips to learn about focus stacking, HDR and the use of a ten-stop neutral density filter and more. This class is relevant to the landscape, portrait, travel and architectural photographer.