# 206 Photoshop Sandbox Printing Session

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $75.00

This 3 1/2 hour work session enables people to bring their best images or their problem images into our computer lab and make up to 13×19 inch prints.  This event is ideal for camera club members desiring to print their competition prints on professional printers with the help of instructor Bryce Denison.  He will assist with printing profiles, color balance, sizing, sharpening and all aspects of the editing process.  Students are expected to have a basic understanding of editing principles as this is not a teaching event but a mentoring event.  If some of your best work was shot long ago; back in the days of film, you can use this time to scan high resolution images of your slides, negatives and prints from either color or black and white in order to edit and print them later. We have a Nikon ED 8000 film scanner (4000 DPI and makes up to a 130 Mb file size from a 35mm slide. We also have a Microtec 8900 flatbed scanner which can accommodate up to an 18×12 print or 4×5, and 8×10 film; even a medical X-ray which is perfect to scan your family archives and photo albums). 13×19 inch prints is the most common size of print to exhibit in camera clubs or develop into a portfolio. It is a size large enough to frame and put on the wall as fine art. Access to our mounting, matting and framing equipment is also available (Fletcher 2100 matte cutter and a Fletcher 3000 matte and glass cutter, a Seal 30×40 Vacuum dry mount press and more). Attendance is limited to eight people.  This workshop is at our Southfield Campus located at 29260 Wildbrook Dr. (just east of Telegraph and just north of 12 Mile Rd)