#220 Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Instructor(s): Richard Grubola

Tuition: $450.00

Like MPW’s Basic Photoshop (#201), this class is entirely hands-on with students having their own computer work stations. You are welcome to bring your own laptop. While the Basic Photoshop course emphasizes the tools, the Advanced Photoshop course focuses on photographically useful corrections and enhancements from a conceptual point of view. Adjustment layers, masking and color blending modes are extensively used for image manipulation and correction. In addition, students complete an extensive digital retouching exercise in which a portrait is de-constructed into component layers permitting detailed enhancement of lips, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, nose and chin in addition to sculpting the waist and torso. Besides correcting photo realistic images, students explore black and white photographic techniques. Abstract, painterly and graphic arts techniques are also covered. Students are encouraged to bring in their favorite and problem images in order to turn them into exhibition grade images, then print them on our state of the art printers.

Students are expected to have a strong working expertise with Photoshop before enrolling in this class.  This is NOT an entry level class.