#609 Faces and Places - Photographing Eastern Market Detroit

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $75.00

Join us for this one-half day field trip to Detroit’s Eastern Market. This is street photography at its best! Join Bryce in photographing the people, architecture, graffiti and merchandisers located here at this gem of Detroit. This is a busy scene with people shopping, selling and eating.  Once we spend about three hours shooting students will be ready to enjoy some food with one of the many outdoor or indoor food vendors. This will be a small class size to insure that everyone gets a great deal of personal assistance from Bryce. This will not be a like a “meetup” where the instructor meets everyone at the beginning, then abandons the students right away to go out and shoot. 

You may want to travel light as we will most likely be on the move. Unlike so many other MPW workshops, a tripod is not needed; but a fill flash can be very helpful. Plan to bring a mild zoom lens ( consider a 24mm-70mm or an 18mm – 135mm lens). You can bring more or bigger lenses, just remember that you must then carry them around for the duration of the workshop.  Eastern Market is most busy early in the morning, so arrive early to find free parking. We will meet in front of Shed Three then go out and shoot from there.  After the workshop is done, feel free to shop the many shops and sheds for the best of fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, wine, and cheese to take home to your family.