#851 Transitioning from Photography to Video in a Day

Instructor(s): Timoshion Jones

Tuition: $150.00

This one-day class provides the student by lecture and demonstration; an awareness of the similarities and differences between still photography and video productions. We start in the morning with providing an understanding  of the foundations of videos technical side; like: what makes up a frame, exposure settings (T stops and f/stops), Composition (long shots, close up shots and extreme close up shots and others). We will continue with the technical side with and explanations of lenses and audio capture and the difference among different types of microphones. We will include basic video editing and some information about the different types of editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and iMovie. Finally we will have a discussion about selecting a personal project and script writing. This one-day workshop is a pre-requisite for the five-week video class #852.  Learn from three-time EMMY winner Timoshion Jones.

To view Mr. Jones’ bio please visit:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rqMiqSJyn81IGSUGnz5pOZ1rx9vJgVwK/view?pli=1