# 903 Photograph the Boudoir Model in Betty Page Style

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $125.00

Join us for this 4-hour workshop honoring the unique modeling style of Betty Page. She defined the pinup model genre from the 1950’s to the 1960’s. A former school teacher that became bored and moved to New York City to begin a meteoric modeling career she quickly became THE model. This workshop will begin with a short history of her career and what made her famous style so frequently copied, but never equaled. Then the majority of the workshop will be spent in the studio photographing our model and learning various lighting techniques and poses.

This workshop can include the #999 Post Workshop Private shoot immediately following the conclusion of this workshop. You can get a one-hour private shoot with the model for $100.00 which may include a model release. Advanced registration is strongly encouraged and only two private shoots will be offered per workshop. Enrollment is first-come-first served.
Students are expected to bring: camera with ample media cards, wide angle and telephoto lenses, tripod and a lens hood for each lens. Just like you go to a restaurant, it is common and appropriate to give your waitress/waiter a tip or gratuity, such is the case here. You are encouraged to provide a gratuity to your model at the end of a successful shoot.