Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $150.00

Have you ever enjoyed watching the aerialist in Las Vegas as they spin and swing from long silk fabric so effortlessly?  Here is an exciting portfolio builder for you.  We have a one-afternoon workshop with a world class aerialist to perform for our students.  The first part of the workshop is photographing the aerialist warming up and stretching demonstrating various yoga poses.  Then we dedicate the remaining time to photographing the graceful lines, contours, and movements of the aerialist. Also in

This workshop can include the #999 Post Workshop Private shoot immediately following the conclusion of this workshop. You can get a one-hour private shoot with the model for $100.00 which may include a model release. Advanced registration is strongly encouraged and only two private shoots will be offered per workshop. Enrollment is first-come-first served.

Students are expected to bring: camera with ample media cards, wide angle and telephoto lenses, tripod and a lens hood for each lens. Just like you go to a restaurant, it is common and appropriate to give your waitress/waiter a tip or gratuity, such is the case here. You are encouraged to provide a gratuity to your model at the end of a successful shoot.