#937 Body Painting in the Studio

Instructor(s): Bryce Denison

Tuition: $200.00

This one-afternoon workshop is a real portfolio Builder! Plan to photograph a male and female model body painted by Russel van Ness in MPW’s state-of-the-art Studio. This is premium shooting. Can you rent a location.  Pay a body painter and two models and rent a studio for this price on your own? Absolutely not! We will begin with a short PowerPoint presentation while the models are being painted. Then you will have the opportunity to photograph the models individually and together. Photographers are welcome to photograph the painting process as well. Male model will be Thomas Crew and the female model will be Sara Crow. Minimum enrollment is three students. Maximum enrollment is 10.

Students are expected to bring: camera with ample media cards, wide angle and telephoto lenses, tripod and a lens hood for each lens. Just like you go to a restaurant, it is common and appropriate to give your waitress/waiter a tip or gratuity, such is the case here. You are encouraged to provide a gratuity to your model at the end of a successful shoot.